New-Like Italian Made Tecnica 2 Group Espresso Machine For Sale


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Aug 24, 2016
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I am unfortunately going out of business and selling my Cafe Equipment. Although we've had decent success with selling most of the items; there are some larger items that we still need gone before we can leave the location. Storage facilities charge too much and the landlord is letting us store it without charge (however I'd like to sell it quickly as to not take advantage of his generosity). I've included the link I have currently set up on Craigslist for the Espresso Machine. There you will find detailed pictures, the extras included free of charge, a number to reach me, and of course th price. (hopefully im allowed to include that here)

I'm hoping to sell to someone local or within reason deliver to buyer, as shipping such a bulky item would be very costly. If you'd like to come by and see a demo we can arrange that as well. I'm Matt, I've been a member here under a different name (Brewsbroscafe) but lost my login info and setting up a new account was quicker. Thanks All!!!

Retail Price: $4200

Our Asking Price: $2500 (plus lots of free extras)

Like-New: 2 Group Tecnica Espresso Machine, Lots of Extras Included


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Feb 28, 2008
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Hello Matt,

I'm sorry to read that you're going out of business and selling your cafe equipment.

Please post a message here when your espresso machine is sold. That way, people won't keep asking about it, and we can close this thread.



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