Looking for advice for espresso machine height


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Mar 14, 2006
Pittsburgh, PA
I'm opening a kiosk and could use input about how high I should set the machine. The advantage now is we are drawing up final space plans and nothing has been built. The disadvantage is I need to decide immediately how high I should have the countertop. The machine faces out, so customers will be looking at the back of the barista and can watch the process (good or bad?).

The machine is an Aurelia 3-group. I could set the machine at one height and have a lower counter directly in-front for tamping, with the grinder(s) sitting at the same level as the machine, or make space at the same level as where the tamping is performed.

Not sure if this is strictly an opinion subjest, or if there is actual research I can use.


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Nov 24, 2004
My wife opened a koisk and she has the 2 group Aurelia. i had the same questions also. What i did was put the machine high enough so the top of the machine was shoulder high or just a little bit lower, (getting her to stand there while i raised and lowered the machine was a chore though). but she dosnt complain about arm/back pains any more. she has her two grinders angled beside the machine with the tamp box next to the grinders all at the same level. Though i was thinking of putting the tamp box in the counter top with a collection can underneath the counter.