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Aug 15, 2005
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Have used mine quite a lot and still see no need to bother with the manual recommendation for calibrating. A scale is likely similar to a torque wrench in that the optimum accuracy is usually in the middle of the range. Don't see the need to push for 2,000 gram accuracy when my average weight is MUCH less. As I mentioned, I use mine for whole bean dry doses as well as green/roasted weight and it's always within .1 gram for all I do. That is plenty accurate for anything coffee related. Some 'enthusiasts' measure to the .01 gram, but that is serious anal retentive OCD if you ask me.
FWIW, it's widely recognized that an American nickel weighs exactly 5.0 grams if in decent (not crazy circulated) condition, so a handful of them gives an idea of how accurate my scale is when I feel the need to check it. I also toss items of various weights on it periodically to see how it measures up to previous readings and it's always been spot on from weighing as little as 1 coffee bean to my beastly hand grinder that weighs a fair amount. Suppose my point is just don't overthink most things in life.
Apr 29, 2020
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Thanks for your reply shadow745;
I cannot begin to imagine what purpose measuring to 0.01g could serve in any type of brewing.
I agree with you that these people are on the OCD 'spectrum'.
I get that way myself sometimes. When I first started brewing in the FP, I was quite fussy about my water to coffee ratio, the water temperature, and timing. After months of experimentation, I have learned that French Press brewing is probably the least sensitive to those variables.

Maybe I'll try to re-sell the weight on Ebay. If I can get about what I paid for it, I could use that money to buy some great coffee beans!

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