Looking for Mexican Green Coffee Beans


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Jul 5, 2010
P.R. of China
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Hi all:

I am on a bussiness trip in Mexico City, I will not leave here until next month. As I know, Mexican coffee beans have nice flavor. So I decided to buy some green coffee beans to share with my friends in China. The beans should be without roasting because my crazy friends ususally roast coffee beans in their home or small companies.

Right now the problem is I can speak very little Spanish, it is really not so easy for me to find some way to buy green beans. The latest information I got is : There are a least 3 coffee farms in Mexico, one in Oaxaca, one in Chiapas, and the 3rd one is in a place named Veracruz. My personal plan is first try to find some place in the downtown of this city, also I've been asking for some information from every coffee shop I visited.

I know that in this forum, there are some coffee masters with experiences on coffee beans all over the world. So, Would be so kind to give me some suggestion about how to buy the fresh green beans in Mexico ? And, does anyone know that how to buy the green beans in website? I suppose the fee of delivery to Mexico City is not going to be a big deal.

Also, I can feel an impulse in myself that I want to visit the coffee farm in Mexio, just for kind of experience, just to enrich my life. Although that kind of place is usually without signal of cell phone and dangerous.



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Sep 25, 2010
Oaxaca, Mexico
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I`m in Oaxaca, We have really good beans in the state. Pluma is the most known mexican bean, this one is from Oaxaca. Althought the other places you mention have good beans too. Coatepec from Veracruz and from the Soconusco region in Chiapas.
I add to my blend some natural beans from Guerrero. And it comes out as a very competitive blend.

Best regards.
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Oct 27, 2010
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If you are still looking for Mexican Coffee, we have Tasted some of the Ultura Shade Mountain
Grown Organic, from the Chiapas area.

Its is USDA Certified, and I think Quite Good.
One of Canada"s Leading Roasters, said, he has Roasted and Tasted a lot of Good Mexican Coffee,
But this is Great Mexican Coffee !! 100% Organic

Make Sure its the True High Mountain Grown, because it seems to make a real difference there,
the soil is unreal in the high Mountains, almost Black, I have seen it, and loaded with Mulch.
And the Locals Chuckle about the low lands Coffee.


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Jun 6, 2015
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We have coffee, green beans, from Veracruz, Chiapas and Oaxaca.
Solid representation of the region. The preroasted material grind features a flavor profile on the Medium and Dark, both very good.
In the villages where we live, we essentially make a fine choice between
Veracruz, Chiapas and the occasional switch to Oaxaca.
We have farms and yield in all three regions.

What we like to note is the Veracruz, which is Natural, and in some cases called organic, but the differentiation in the village is not necessarily called Organico, versus natural - has just a tad less acidity than that of Chiapas. Although natural, the farm does not use chemical fertilizer, and would be from cow or chicken in terms of fertilizer materials. One could get micro-granular on the food source, being grass fed or feed to the cows as being GMO or non GMO; and this brings us all in the world back to Monsanto, or the current GMO versus non GMO questions.

We have green bean from all three regions, and our two roasts can be provided. On sheer economics, it perhaps makes more sense on green bean by the ton; and your expertise can bring you to your flavor roast preferences.


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Oct 26, 2015
Allen, Texas
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Regarding your question about buying Mexican green coffee beans online, how about Amazon?

I've found that many good coffee bean farmers sell on Amazon and you can use the reviews to know if they are legit. I try to rely on products that have more than a few reviews (>100 is better). And, I also make sure to read a few 1 star reviews to make sure there's no big "deal breaker".

Doing a search for "Mexican coffee beans", I found what looked like a pretty good coffee bean from one of the farms you mentioned (Chiapas):

Green Unroasted Organic Mexican Chiapas Coffee, Whole Bean, Fresh Roasted Coffee LLC

Good luck!


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Jun 21, 2016
Miami, Florida
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Amazon - Green Coffee Beans

Yes, most coffee farmers do sell on Amazon, but they should have a green been inventory in both the USA and the country of origin. For instance, we are family-owned coffee farm from Minas Gerais, Brazil - Santa Monica Cafe Gourmet - https://cafesantamonicausa.com ... If you want to buy coffee from Amazon and have it shipped to Mexico, you might run into problems with the Mexican Customs Authorities. I would suggest you contact the farm distributor in Mexico. This would alleviate the international shipping issue.

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