Looking for Organic/Fair Trade Coffee

OMO Sapien

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Aug 15, 2006
Collingswood, NJ
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Howdy folks,

I'm looking for any coffee spots that brew Organic and Fair Trade coffee on a DAILY basis --not once in a blue moon like some corporate chains we won't mention. We want to promote these conscientious businesses in a 100% non-commercial, ad-free Directory designed just for them.

It can be anything from a classic coffee house atmosphere, to a market that offers a fine variety of sustainable roasts for your homebrews or puts out a few thermoses, to a cafe where you can get a quick cup-to-go....even one of those Fotomart-looking drive-up thingys in a parking lot. If they have the Good Stuff, we want to give them a listing!

And of course, if you are looking for such a place in your neighborhood or on a cross-coountry journey, come check us out....we already have 150+ listings and counting.


If you have a suggestion for a listing, feel free to drop the name here, or you can visit our Directory page for an easy form.

BUSINESS OWNERS: if you fit our profile and want to be listed, visit
www.omeanso.org/coffeesurvey. In just a few minutes you can give us all the info we need to make an attractive listing. And it's COMPLETELY FREE!

Thanks! We appreciate the forum & chance to share this info with the community. Cheers & be well....