What is the Best Coffee Maker with a Thermal Carafe?


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Jul 23, 2022
United States
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Hey Guys!

What is the best available coffee maker with a thermal carafe nowadays?

I'm using a Canadian brand Oster Coffee maker which is exactly the same product as the Mr. Coffee brand which I believe is sold in the US. I have been using it now for several years, and I have had a replacement one since last Winter. I recently noticed a strong plastic smell from the water container and I strongly suspect that it contains BPA. I want to discard the product for my health sake and I'm looking for a dependable replacement that makes good-tasting coffee. I like dark roasted coffee as is, black without any sweetener.

I have been looking on the web through Google and I got several different recommendations as we usually find when we do such research. Two brands that frequently come out in the several lists of recommendations are ZOJIRUSHI and NINJA. I know that Zojirushi mentions that their water container is free of BPA, but I'm not so sure about the Ninja product. Of course, reliability is also important.

So, would any of you, coffee lovers, have a recommendation for a reliable product that makes good-tasting coffee?
I think they all can make very good coffee. If you get a digital kitchen scale and measure the water and the beans the machine can make excellent coffee. And if you get a burr grinder, well, that coffee machine can make superlative coffee.
One of my favorite brewers right here. The issue with inexpensive brewers is that they do not have a great heating element in them. The water doesn't get hot enough and will not extract all the flavors.

I go for the coffee machine that is simple, and has what I want. I presently like the Cuisinart drip machine that needs no carafe. It is "cafeteria" style. Because I measure beans and water, and use a pretty good burr grinder, I don't need anything better.