Looking for some input on New Start up.....


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Oct 27, 2007
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Well I have been reading through this site for some time and have gained a large amountof knowledge. I am still seeking some advice and any experiences anyone might want to share.

I looking to estabish a mobile esspresso coffee smoothie business at a few train stops for a comunter train to a large city. Currenlty there is no options for commuters for coffee ect.... Several of these stops are very large. Additionally I like the idea of the mobile cart to allow me to work a produtive location for a possible permant fixture. additonally a mobile cart allows me to build name regoniton at local events, fairs, farmers markets ect... I live in an area that is educated in coffee ann we have the usual suspects in the coffee busniess. I think I could provide a service these others do not. What I ask of you is what to you think of starting as a mobile company and then building to a drive thru or possible coffehouse. Additionally , I have found in my research a franchise that provides all phases of a coffee business. mobile carts, kiosks, and stores. Seems like a good opportunity and would allow for growth. Although I dont like the cost accosicated with a franchise and the possible lack of flexibilty. However, what really got me interestedi n this company was their mobile carts. I have yet to see any others like this. Does anyone know where you could get this cart made. the companu os Cuppys www.cuppys.com They have had some preivous negative press due to associatio with another company and I am some what turned off by this but I do like those mobile carts...

Finally as with a lot of new start ups I have never worked in the coffee industry. I have many years of retail mangement experience and coffee drinking exprience but have no coffee making experience.

So I plan on looking into training. Is it worth the cost of the schools I see that offer training or should I look at working at one of the box stores to sneek some training that way...

Well let me know what you think... any thoughts wold be appreicated.

I am looking at two train stops and a stop for seasonal busniess located near beach and campground. a few other locations of interested are Outside a Major Univerisity exctension campus and near a local hopital..