Magimix l'Expresso & Filtre Automatic - pump sounds but no water flow


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Apr 22, 2020
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Hello All,

Hope you're all good. I was hoping someone could help me with fixing a problem or point me in the best direction.

What with being in lock down I thought I'd get my old magimix l'expresso & filtre automatic out. I would post a link to the model but as a noob, I can't yet. Its the one with the additional filter coffee option to the left and I think its full name is "Magimix Espresso & Filtre Automatic Countertop Combi coffee maker 1.8 L". Its been in the loft for a few years, waiting for the time when I have my own office or something like that :)

Went through the "first use" process just to flush stuff through and generally make sure it was OK. The problem I have is that for both the steamer and the espresso water feed, no water comes through. I can hear the pump operating. First thought is limescale but wondered if anyone thought it could be something else?

In terms of the Limescale, have filled the water storage with citrix acid/water mix and left the flexible hose in that to soak. However if no water is being passed through the system, how do I flush a descaling agent through the pipes?

If you have any ideas what to do next to troubleshoot or even a sensible way to take it apart and check, I'm all ears.