McCinno - McCafe - McDonalds Cafe - McDonalds Coffee?

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Oct 29, 2003
London, UK
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From the point of view of McDonalds, as a business that is seeking to maintain its prosperity in a changing market, it looks like a McSmart move. However, I can certainly see how it might be McScary or McNasty from the point of view of other coffee shops.

However, I for one will always prefer the smaller scale business that convinces me of it's integrity and expertise over a multinational that has yet to convince me that it places people ahead of profits.



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Apr 8, 2003
Medina, Ohio
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How about Mc Sugery, If its like any of the cino in the convienence stores around here, its a heaping helping of sugar with a sprinkle of coffee flavor frothed over with whipped cream.


My soapbox sermon for today free of charge.

Profits are neither good :) nor bad :twisted: they are what they are. Profits. They are money left over after expenses are paid. They can be reinvested or spent but they are not in itself bad. Profit is not a dirty word.


Mar 7, 2003
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McCafe McDonalds Coffee Shop

It is a very smart move for McDonalds. But they better not serve the coffee luke warm like they do at McDonalds because of the lady who sued them after she spilled coffee on herself saying it was too hot.

Gimme my coffee scolding hot, it melts the sugar and injects the creams just right throughout the coffee flavor :)

Ok back to smart move, what other company could put up hundreds of coffee shops in a year and have a market. It will put starbucks and the other large shops in odd places. )side note, not confirmed though, I was told last week that McDonalds Corporation owns the land that their buildings are built on. Hmmmm (

Would you like frys with that Large Coffee?
Super Size Coffee

What other fun names can you think of ;) Will they serve their morning sandwiches also at the McCafe? You know they will have the drive through market cornered.


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Aug 14, 2003
Boca Raton
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Here is what I heard about the burn case....alot of people never heard the whole story. A lady walks into McD's and gets coffee with her son...they walk out to the car and she puts the coffee between her legs..not a smart thing to burns her crotch...her son runs into the McD's and says my mom burned her crotch call 911...we have all been to fast food joints...the people behind the counter sort of blew it off and almost laughed about it...the son had to make the call himself...she called the corporate office and said I am a senior citizen living on a fixed income...seeing that you are partly liable(not calling 911) I would like you to pay half my medical bills($1,200)....they said no...take us to court...she did and won 3.2 million(I think) but it was over turned later and she got like 600,000...well anyways...don't put coffee between your legs :roll:


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Sep 8, 2003
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Bet it flys...

Couldn't be worse than DD's, as ambiance goes. They do donuts; McD's does burgers. Both can spin a profit outa coffee, I'd wager (and I'm wagering, in the stock market, at any rate.)