McDonald's Premium Coffee

supposedly more bold than there old blend...not sure cuz I haven't tried it but I did notice that a week after they started selling it Starbux had a promo in our drip coffee on Wednesday from 10 a.m. till noon. :?
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Sipping on some McDonalds NEW Premium Roast Coffee this morning and it's not that bad. It's a bit better than their old coffee but at the same time it's not great. I'd give it a 6 out of 10.
McDonalds has different suppliers around the country. The Northeast is Green Mountain Coffee. There are 4 other roasters around the country. Rumor has it that Seattle's Best is in the Pac Northwest, S&D is in the Southeast. I don't know the other two. It doesn't really matter - they are following a recipe.

The branding is consistent except Green Mountain, who is using their Newman's own brand - make sense, Paul's name on their salad dressing made the category.

The single coffee profile allows them to leverage their media across the country. If they tried different regional roasters and branded it that they, they would need that many more commercials. Very expensive.

If you own a coffee shop - give it a try. You've got to know how the market is moving. Don't stick you nose in the air and get flattened by the world's largest food service company.
I tried it .. why not ?? :D It was free !!

I'll tell you what .. they shot themselves in the foot .. their old coffee was what it was ... it was at least different then other fast food coffe and and had some character .. also at 5:00 am in the morning with a hang over it did the trick.

Now there "good" coffee is more or less the same old same old that most fast food places sell. A blunder for McDonald's ... indeed.

Good Day ... 8)
tried some

tried some this morning here in Austin. Not the best but what do you expect. One thing to bear in mind is that McD has tremendous buying power and can get ok coffee at a REAL low price. It may get better wait and see. Wouldn't be worrying about losing too many customers to them though.(I thought SBC and Starbucks were both owned by A&G Coffee guy am I wrong?)
They also hae a McCafe gourmet coffee shop but it isn't well known yet

I'd say this their coffee is better than most gas station coffee but not as good as a gourmet cup

so I do think they have a pretty good fast food cup

I live in the Northeast U.S. just outside of Boston where there is a Dunkin Donuts every 50 feet. For convienence, this is where most people, including myself, stop for our morning extra large coffee. I was a huge fan of D&D many years ago when D&D managers were forced to go to training school to learn how to make donuts and coffee before they could run the store. Now, most D&D's around me use machines that pre-mix the cream and sugar to specific amounts so the emplyee has even less to think about. The coffee has become dirty water over the last few years.

When I heard that McDonalds was upgrading their coffee to Kona blend a few years back, I tried to make the switch but it was not much better then D&D. However, the new coffee they offer is far supeior in my opinion so I have made the switch. In fact, in these warm summer days, I actually crave one of their ice coffees now. Unlike D&D's watered down crap, their ice coffee actually maintains its coffee flavor!

Now, I know most people here either run their own shops or are coffee fanatics that want a pure cup made exactly the way they want it. I used to be like that and actually did the home roasting this for quite a while but it became too timely and smelly (according to my wife!). I ended up with a Keurig single cup brewer for home (I know!....that's blasphemous!!) but it makes a good cup of coffe very quickly with little cleanup and no smell. But for my large morning coffee, I am now a Mcdonalds fan.