Me and my Rancilio S20


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Apr 26, 2019

MY name is Crog. I Want to say hi, introduce myself, and let you all know where i am going...

I'm from southern Oregon, I am a food service technician and purchased a few Ranclio S20's while i was truck driving a few years back and now want to use them in a concession.

My girlfriend and i enjoy good coffee, spirits , and food and are building a catering business.
trying to figure out how to post a picture... well i will figure it out and post my rebuild on a thread soon...

Why the rancillio...

1.Pump is in unit
2. quality and simplicity

single boiler

the unit i am working on has all the mounts and holes for gas.. but sadly it does not have it installed. if anyone has information where to get the burner, valve and few other parts i would appreciate it greatly. i have seen pictures but have not found a place to get them.

information on water softener would be nice. as the one i have had a tank hooked up to it but i have not seen that done here in the PNW. aquapure filtration is what i already use on equipment. does the salt help add flavor?

well these questions and a rebuild will be posted soon on a couple threads and i look foreword to showing off what i got and learning more about espresso and coffee and I hope my technical knowledge in fixing equipment will be of use to others.

good day