Metropolis Coffee Offerings....


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Aug 15, 2005
Central North Carolina
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A short time ago I contacted Metropolis Coffee to see if they would send us samples to use in our mobile espresso van. Just wanted to get an idea of what they offer on a wholesale level.... 3-4 days later 7 lbs. of samples arrived.... How's that for being generous. They sent 3 different bean types for drip, which have all worked quite well. They also sent 4 lbs. of their famed Redline espresso, 1 lb. of which was decaf. I can honestly say that without question the standard Redline offers the most sublime shots I've had to date that I can possibly remember, and I've tried ALOT in the last 2-3 years. A nice mellow blend of semi-sweet cocoa (no kidding) along with notes of citrus, wine, etc. Very nice without a hint of bite or bitterness. The decaf Redline was also the bomb as well... I could hardly differentiate the two. I have never liked decaf anything, but will pull an occasional double or sample the decaf drip just to see what our customers are tasting. Most people can't believe it's decaf.....

If any of you haven't tried Redline, do so. Later!