mexican beans!!


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Feb 8, 2005
South Africa
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what are your comments on mexican beans?

i got myself a sample...absolutely brilliant!
but ive had a few complaints that people find it too bitter and heavy.

i cant say that ive had the same problem.

give me some feedback....plzzzzzz :D
Hey Cindy,

I am a big fan of both the Altura and the Chulita out of Mexico, very sweet and fun to roast. If some are finding them bitter.....might be the roast.
Hows the Saffa coffee scene? Interested being an ex-pat myself.
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silly cindy

only realised after ive checked out your site that ive been looking at your blogspot for some time now....absolutely brilliant, if i may say so.

only from what ive seen on your blogspot made me realise that i want to go into coffee.

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i agree that there is a lot of things that we all still need to learn.

i wont call coffee a difficult field to be in but IT IS NOT EASY!!!!!!
im also very pleased to see that the coffee culture is spreading.

a good indication for me is that there is more home/domestic coffee equipement available now compared to 6 or 7 years ago.

you still get the odd idiot who pull their faces into wrinkles when they taste their first espresso(i feel sorry for the ill informed) but at least the south african market doesnt revolve around instant rubbish anymore.


cindy :lol: