MEXICAN Coffee Shop...yes, no, maybe???


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Feb 8, 2005
South Africa
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im planning on adding a very mexican theme to my coffee shop/roastery.

firstly, i cant just fill the place with a few pics and a cactus...besides the colours will be warm like copper, reds and golds...i dont want to make the place look overdone with too many contrasting colours.

also...with outside seating, which will be best...wooden chairs and tables/cement/benches?

then, what would be a nice look for the waiters...i dont want them to look like someone from a fancy dress party. i want to keep it simple but i also want it to at least look classy....NOT LOW BUDGET in other words.

hope someone will be the light :idea:
at the end of my tunnel!!! :-D
Mexican painted tiles would look good on the tables. Stained concrete table tops would also look nice, and are relatively low cost if you do them yourself. For uniforms, keep their clothes simple for them, e.g. dark slacks, pressed collared shirt, no T shirts, clean appearance. Then provide an apron, perhaps with mexican theme, like hot peppers, or perhaps solids in red, green and white. The simpler the better, in cost and adhearance.

There is a great variety in the Mexican look. Cantina, high end restaurant, etc.. It can be put into your buildout, or merely in the decorations. Wrought iron, corregated steel (rusted), rustic furniture, hand carved looking furniture are currently popular materials and items in the Mexican "look" being sold here in Texas. Stucco, painted tiles, tile borders.

Getting into Sombreros and burros is a look that is not seen much any more.

Yahoo image search Mexican rustic furniture and Mexican decoration for more ideas.
:grin: I think the mexican tile, etc. look for restaurant would be okay, as long as it is on the sophisticated Mexican style, not too flamboyant, the waiters/waitresses should also be dressed sophisticated (dark suits/dresses, maybe "tuxedo shirts", not to be confused with a real tuxedos for men, black dresses for women with small pearl earrings. I guess what I am getting at is the sophisticated but yet comfortable look for staff. Also for background music, please use soft spanish guitar music, not loud music. Loud music does not go with a relaxing cup of coffee or "coffee chat".