Modding a Delonghi Machine

psycho supreme

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Jan 6, 2007
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I have a delonghi cafe chic

I am interesting in modding this machine. I am looking at a possible open double portafilter spout and maybe a naked (bottomless) portafilter.

I need to know what type(or size) portafilter and basket I can order. Also, can I just order the portafilter body and use the handle I have now (im not sure how to get it off)?

-just as a note I would also like to point out im a bike mechanic and feel comfortable tinkering with things.

Thanks, Matt.
You might contact Delonghi for the specs on the portafilter and see if they have a non pressurized version. It's hard to say with the Delonghi and machines like it. The design and parts might be particular to the machine. They also may not take well to naked portafiliters or being modded like commerical grade and standard machines.
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thanks for the reply. I have been trying to contact delonghi but they aren't much fun to deal with.

I do understand what you mean by the mods tho.
All the same, its worth a try, I would really like to go non-pressurized.

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