Moka Pots. Who's got the skinny?


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Feb 24, 2004
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I am looking for one as my espresso maker. First off....does it make espresso, or just something similar? How do they work? Can you recomend a reasonalbly priced one? Do you like them or not.
Thanx in advance for the input!


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Mar 1, 2004
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I have a Bialetti that I purchased a few months ago. I bought it because I wanted stronger coffee than my Krups Aroma Control drip machine was making. I had some good Moka at my sister's house before, so I thought I'd give it a try.

The Moka pot does not make true espresso. For espresso, you have to have pressure to force through the gounds. The Moka pot does not develop much pressure (even the ones with a special valve).

You will get a good strong cup of coffee, very similar to what you would get from a pecolator. However, I think Moka is better than that.

I make some decent "latte" with the Moka pot, but it is really a Cafe au lait, since there is no real espresso.

My purchase of the Moka pot opened a door my wife has been trying to close ever since. I am now getting ready to buy a prosumer model espresso machine and a pro-style grinder. I also now want to roast my own beans.

So, would I recommend a Moka Pot? Yes, if you are looking for good strong coffee. No, if you are looking for true espresso. At $30, you can't beat it if you don't need true espresso.

Hope this diatribe helps! :p