Most Profitable???


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Dec 16, 2004
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Which is the most profitable venture?

PreFab Drive Thru or Small Shop in a strip mall type setting?

This has me confounded. I am thinking the Drive thru is a much larger startup but better money maker in the end due to low costs involved. While atmosphere and all that would be better in the shop but the rent and ongoing expenses seem to beat the profit out of you. I figured I would post to you pros and see what the truth in the matter is.

I have just begun to look into drive thrus and am really leaning that way if I can find a way to swing it. I really like the fact you can move it where ever you want when you want if it does go well.

I am also thinking the cart is the best soucre of profit but I have to say it is just hard to do in may area. The malls are spoken for with non-competes and there is next to no foot traffic in my area.