My Coffee Bean Supplier


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Mar 24, 2004
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Hi all,

I would appreciate it if you can help me to make my coffee supplier decision.

Here is my problem and I must choose one of the two.

There is a local roaster who is one of the SCAA member. He can provide me 100% origin coffee beans roasted on my request. He can guarantee me the beans are roasted previous night and can be delivered next morning.

The another is a Lavazza supplier who can supply me a very famous italy brand. But the beans are packed in two pounds each and have a 6 month expired date, the package has flavour-lock.

Should I deal with the local roaster for the best freshness but risk the diffcult for the quality control of the bean been selected ( in case the company is not honest)? or Should I deal with the famous brand but make old aged espresso; even though, the bag has flavour-lock?.

If you were in my position, what decision would you make. By the way the prices are very identical.
The local roaster is your best bet. You should visit him/her and have a look at the roast facility. My feelings are that the freshly roasted product would be far and away the better product. Most roasters are in the business because the love what they do, rather than to make a quick $. So I am sure both the product and the marketing support you would get from the local roaster would be top notch!
LOcals only! hehe really you can tell the difference. Ask the local roaster to generate lot numbers and a recall date, so that you never have stale beans. MY $.02 p.s At least with a local you will be assued of fresh roast,and be able to tailor your order. As far as I'm concerned you can't keep roasted beans " fresh" for 6 months.