My search for Jamaican Blue lead me into business...


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Apr 22, 2008
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A couple of weeks ago, I was searching through google to find coffee shops in my area of chicagoland that sold jamaican blue mountain coffee. What I found through various keyword searches was nothing more than a series of sites offering generalized ''white pages'' listings, even though more than 500 coffee shops appeared in the listings.

I simply couldn''t find many website addresses beyond starbucks, caribou, gloria jeans, etc. Gloria''s shops, although I''m sure are wonderful, sell their jamaican blue mt. for more than $50 lb.

I was bereft and yearning for my cup of sweet island pleasure like you wouldn''t believe. As a part time income, I make pages. I had already ordered a shipment of my precious cargo online, and the shipment was delayed - where could I buy some near my home?

I wasn''t going to call 500 shops on the phone to find it... frustrated, I decided to create one page websites for coffee houses, shops, roasters, anyone needing a webpage.

I think I might just celebrate and offer a free page to the coffee shop that Does sell the beans near my house! :wink:

Incidentally, the only place that I could locate a facsimile was Trader Joe''s and their ''jamaican blue'' coffee was akin to drinking chaff...

Anyway, if you''re a business seeking a one page website, created by a crackerjack marketing team, please consider Pizzaz Design - we''ve just launched, and our introductory price is astounding.