Naturally Flavored Coffee


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May 1, 2012
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I've got about 25 sample bottles of flavoring from several different flavoring companies. This just scratches the surface as their price sheets list close to 300 different flavors I could explore.

So my wife and kids and I spent two full days tasting, blending, slurping and spitting because we want to add some flavored coffees to our product line. But the bottom line is they all have a slight chemical taste in the background. We can't bring ourselves to foist more chemicals on people so are now trying to come up with natural flavor recipes.

At hand we have cinnamon, cloves and cardamon and are starting to experiment to find the best way to infuse these flavors into the beans. We're casting about for some good vanilla beans as well.

With that background, do any of you have any natural coffee recipes that use only REAL, straight off the plant or tree ingredients?