need a few ideas for a coffee menu!!!

coffee menu!!!!!!!!!!

  • need a few ideas for a coffee menu!!!

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  • im running out of ideas!

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Feb 8, 2005
South Africa
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:roll: im in the process of starting off with my coffee shop/roastery and i need a few easy/good ideas to add onto my coffee menu.

ive got most of the machines ill be needing to fully operate....all i need is ideas :-D


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Oct 23, 2005
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Low fat frappucino

:mrgreen: Cindy, i wish someone would come up with a fat free "frappucine". Starbucks has frapps, but they all contain sugar and if you want whip cream added, they all use whip cream with sugar. If you could make a frapp with coffee, splenda, and sugar free whipcream, you would probably sell that drink to a lot of people, since there are a lot of us out there that love coffee, but want to stay clear of the sugar.


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Aug 14, 2003
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cindy...I just tried to send you some info...but the email address you posted is not your email address and I will end it...La Crema Coffee Just a friendly warning...starbux has sued people for pics that where making fun of their artist did one that said consumer whore and had the mermaid holding a cell phone, and a cup of their coffee...dollar sign on the get the idea...anyway she was sued for might want to be careful with the pic on your site.

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