Need advice for office coffee pot.

Since I am the biggest coffee addict at the office, and I'm always complaining about our crappy coffee pot, I've been tasked with finding a suitable replacement for our office of about 30 people.

We do have a water hookup, so that would be nice. Right now we have a 12 cup old Mr. Coffee that constantly needs refilling, so something bigger than that would be great. Doesn't have to be anything fancy, just something for regular ground coffee. $200 budget tops.

Any recommendations?

Get a Keurig machine. There are models under $200. Everybody can have they coffee they want. No old coffee on the burner?

Tell your office manager - taking the heat for bad coffee? Get your Bunns off the burner. (I made that up just now... maybe I can get Keurig to pay me to use it).
Go to Costco or one those big club stores. Get a Bunn single pot pour over brewer for $189. It will last forever.

For the coffee, you'll see a lot of variation on price due to the weight of the coffee in the bag. For 64 oz of coffee, you can see bags that weigh from 1.3 ounces to 2.8 ounces with prices to match.

For something that is drinkable, I'd recommend 2.0 ounces per bag or heavier. Given your budget, I recommend starting with a 2.0 ounce weight. If it is too thin, increase. Otherwise go down. As soon as you're under 2 ounces, you're in the realm of bad office coffee. 1.75 is thin and fleeting. 1.3 ounces is tea. Why even bother?

Weight isn't the whole story. Grind can affect the taste of the coffee, too. That is the next thing you'd be concerned about. What matters is the cost per ounce of brewed coffee. Take the cost per bag and divide by the number of ounces you'll brew. YOu may be surprised how much difference 5 cents per pot of coffee can make in terms of taste. Coffee really is not very expensive.

Treat yourself and your co-workers like they matter. Spend the extra nickel a pot.
When I say BUNN you think?

Yeah, Java Hill is totally on target! and if you have a local coffee roaster who will work with you. See I provide FREE filters, stir sticks and delivery. So yeah get a good BUNN coffee maker, and good Coffee and you and the rest of your office will be happy :)