Need Advice On Insurance for My Business


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Aug 1, 2006

im new here, im looking for advices on where to find good insurance for my business, i came into has anyone tried online insurance? how effective is the online quote system? can i depend my money on these? I'm hoping I can get opinions from everybody here about which ones to avoid and which ones you have had a good experience with.

Anyone please. I want an affordable insurance yet reliable...

Juliann Castell

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Apr 25, 2006
Online probably not such a good idea

I have an insurance broker. Online leads me to believe that when you really need someone you might not have the convenience of calling someone you know by name - perhaps was referred by a friend or colleague - and that would be embarrassed or potentially lose business if they didn't deal with you and make things convenient and right. Online - makes it a bit too anonymouse in my opinion and for insurance you want a name, face and some accountability to weed through the BS if there's a claim. Just an opinion. Good luck.


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Aug 26, 2006
I also believe that getting insurance from an online company seems a bit too faceless. However, one thing that you might could do is just call them and talk to them before you make a purchase. Or just call and say you were just testing out their phone support.


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Oct 1, 2006
Piedmont, Oklahoma
Hello everyone VERY new to the board and very new to coffe, just purchased a failing Java Daves in Piedmont, Oklahoma WOW talk about work LOL but a ton of fun.

I am a newbie to coffe shop ownership, but 20+ years in the insurance industry and here is my advice. Your online sources for insurance are targeted to personal lines of insurance mainly Car, most of these policies are identical. When talking of insuring your bussiness PLEASE PLEASE go and see an agent or also known as a broker, there are so many varaibles in the commercial world that you need to think about and so many things to look out for.

The premium that you pay is based mostly on your gross recipts, this will tell the insurance company just about how many folks are coming to your bussiness and how much product is leaving your store, and as always the more going out the door the more of a chance for the ONE person that would file a claim for a slip and twisted ankle to the coffe was to hot and so forth.

So when looking for cheap but good insurance you need to sit down with an agent/broker and discuss what you exactly need there are coverages that you can do with out depending on your situation, as an example in my case, my shop is run only by family no employees so I do not need employee dishonesty coverage, which will save you money on your premium.

sorry to be so long winded, insurance is a necessary evil due to our society now a days.

send me a pm if you have any other questions I would be more than happy to help.

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