Need Advice, Please: Solar Coffee Roaster from Coffee Tech Israel

I also use simple green to clean the trapper, but I find it Jasol multi purpose cleaner is better in the sense of economical use. I only use 20 ml of jasol for 700 ml spray bottle.
I dont submerge the trapper into a tank of solution, but rather spray them with spray bottle both sides vigorously and leave it for 15 min then hose them off with garden hose on trigger (with strong angled setting)

I also found some of the thin wires missing in the field trapper, so I called coffee tech in israel to send me some, it's quite expensive for a wire ($14 each). The wires are necessary for the field trapper metal sheets to work. You might want to check yours as I bought the avirnaki with some wires missing. Although the smell is not completely gone, but it does a good job in eliminating the smoke.
I never heard here in Canada of the Jasol multi purpose cleaner. I will check just in case at various hardware stores around me but anyway Simple Green does a good job for me if i dig it in the water for few hours. But thanks, if i can find this stuff i will try it for sure.

My Filter units in my Avirnaki have all their wires. Thoses wires are just like a corona wire in a copier, they received the high voltage and create a sparks between the dust and the frame to destroy the smoke particule. The Filter units only remove the smoke, the smell is removed by the charcoal filter and after a while we will need to either replace it or remove only the charcoal pellets and add new one (that is what i will do). I am close now to have to do it.
The temp settings (both charging temp and end target temp) are dependent of the line voltage but will also vary from one machine to an other because of the heater element. A replacement of the heaters mean you have to take care to your temp settings as it will most certainly vary. I have high voltage near 250V here and since the machine is calibrated at 230V in Israel I had to decrease my settings from the factory default 155/167 to 145/153 for a medium roast. So you see how big the difference is with you guys that roast with 200C settings as end target!? Incredible. I just did the first roast with the default setting of 155/167 and i had to abort everything and OMG i was soo close to an in drum fire!!! Lesson learn ;) The max setting i use for a med dark roast is 145/155.