Need an experienced, quick web designer


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Oct 25, 2004
WA state
Hey anybody out there!
I'm in need of a creative, experienced web site designer who has done coffee related sites. Need somebody who's fairly quick too. Thanks! -Karissa


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Nov 8, 2004
Get a copy of Dreamweaver and leave the Frontpage alone. I did my entire site myself, a few times, and once I got done with Frontpage and grew up into the Dreamweaver editor it sure is easier! I would be able to look at any aspects of your coffee site. I could also do a site with a store for you too if you are interested. Just send me an Email with your contact info and a few details of what you want.

If you have the content, (text and pics) and want to edit from templates I can help there too.


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Aug 30, 2006
Not sure if you, or anyone else is still looking, but I have been a web designer for years working on many company websites. If you want to get something up fast and inexpensive, yet look very good, visit Template Monster and look up a coffee website. Find one you like, and then have a designer simply add your logo and content. These templates are very attractive and very easy to edit. Why pay a designer $1000's to create a site when you don't have to.


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Sep 17, 2006

I agree templates save tons of time. I still use them as a shell. I like to customize them (more than just changing the logo) I am also a fan of content management systems like joomla. MY website is a customized version of Joomla with a 3rd party shopping cart and I am very pleased with the look and ease of administration.

My company Excite Productions LLC does all types of media from Web to TV, radio, flash, community name it. I can help in any web development project you need.


I know I am not the only coffee vendor here. I think oUR business model is different though. We sell mostly Organic blends and we offer $2.00 per pound to non profits, charities and churches. Our prices are in line with every day organic pricing and our product is truly outstanding. The site has only been up a few weeks and the cart just days. Let me know your thoughts on this model, our store etc.


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