Need Help Choosing Software, Cash & Credit Stuff?


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Oct 25, 2004
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Hi. I need to start buying for the business end of the business. I am technical minded, so I want to get equipment and software to track expenses and sales in detail. I would like to buy correctly the first time.

So...........Does anyone use or recommend Quickbooks Pro for Retail business software. It looks good on the shelf at Sam's Club, but is that more than I really need? Would Quickbooks basic be good enough?

Can anyone recommend a cash register they like? I've seen them at Sam's Club and Office Maxx, but we also have a cash register store nearby. Should the cash register link to the software, or do I just enter the data off of the end of the day cash register tape?

Lastly, I need a credit card machine. My bank offers the Elan machine for about $450 new. However, they know of a business closing that has a 7 year old model available for $200. Should I shop around, or take what the bank has. Also should I go thru the bank for the credit services, or is it better to go with some other credit company.