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Oct 6, 2004
Hi!!!!! :)

I'm new in this forum and I think is wonderful!!!
I would like to have contact with someone in Denmark, because I need a favour, I was searching the coffee prices in the supermarkets, but Fotex, Netto, Irma, Superbrugsen don´t have prices in the web sites. I have a friend in Lithuania and she's helping me with Vilnius.
Also I would like to have friends in Denmark I was there and is a beautiful country, if the weather alow :D
I miss the desserts, walk in Stroget in the afternoon and Illum sale off!!

Viva Café!!!!!!

PD: Sorry for my english, I'm learning


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Oct 6, 2004
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Thank you so much Mr. he

Thanks a lot!!!

You are in Taiwan? wow! You are very kind. Is easy to find statistics but prices! :shock: wow a little bit dificult

about the coffee I saw this brands:

Lofbergs Lila

but I know there are many labels in the supermarkets. Our coffee is Strictly High Ground and we want to export our coffee to Scandinavia.

Thanks again

mr he

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Oct 6, 2004
What a punishment. Here I sit, an expat, who’s ben away from his native lands for a few years, looking thru the last special offer prices of things like hap, pickled herrings, lever pie, a ton of cheese, and all the other goodies, I haven’t had for quite some time. ;)

The prices listed are indeed from their web sites, however they are from their weekly special offer DM’s so normal prices may be higher, but not by more than say 5%. If you go perusing on some more web sites, then look for "Ugens Tilbudsavis", which often is a PDF.

From a marketers view, they are reliable, and most likely represent the prices, your prospective customers will throw at you as target selling prices.

I have changed my mind. If this is enough, then I will not look further. If not, I will ask family to swing by supermarkets and see.

Netto(Danish Supermarkets, deep discount chain):

200g Gourmet Coffee DKK15

Amora Brazil, more standard brand, 500G DKK18

Superbrugsen(COOP midrange):

500G Cirkel Kaffe DKK16.6 (special offer, 6 for a 100)

Kvickly (COOP hypermarket):

Merrild 3500g bags DKK75, which is DKK25 per bag.

Merrild Special: 400g bag, DKK13.95.

Irma(COOP higher-end supermarket chain):

Private label â€

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