Need some help from my fellow coffee drinkers...

If you could pick one coffee as your favorite, what would it be? (Due to limited poll options, pleas

  • Pacific - Sumatra, Sulawesi Toraja, Java Blawan, or New Guinea (please post which)

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  • African - Kenyan, Ethiopian, Yemen, or Tanzania Peaberry (please post which)

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  • Central American - Guatemalan, Mexican, or Costa Rican (please post which)

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  • Asian - Turkish or Indian (please post which)

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  • South American - Brazilian or Columbian

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  • A Blend - specify what type (i.e. French Roast, San Francisco, Lousiana, etc)

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  • Decaff - specify in post what type

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  • Other - specify in post what type

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Are you M/F? Male

How old (if you don't mind me asking)? 31

What is your favorite brand, flavor, and/or kind of coffee? Kenya AA, Ethiopian Harrar/Sidamo, Java or Sulawesi
As for Brand I drink Alakef, but I also work there.

How do you drink your coffee? Iced, cappucino, espresso, latte, etc
Black, or espresso shot, or black with an espresso shot.
Personally, I can't pick just one single origin as my favourite. They all vary in the taste that I like.

Sulawesi Kalossi is earthy chocolate and at a med roast I find it smooth and delicious.

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe, the coffee of kings, is light, smooth and sweet with a very pleasing but not overpowering bright acid finish. It's great light roasted.

Yeman Mocha Matari is another chocolate wonder that I find even smoother and more elegant that the Kalossi.

Tanzanian Peaberry is also well balanced as a med/dark roast. At a med/dark roast it is smoky with a bitter chocolate, earthy body and still retains a very good blueberry finish.

These are my favourites at the moment although there are very few SO's I've roasted that I didn't like outright. Maybe a better question would be what beans don't you like and why?

For espresso blending I really like Yeman Matari and or Sulawesi Kalossi in the mix as well as Yirgacheffe for sweetness. I'm partial to sweetness so I don't often roast dark into 2nd crack, but that's my taste. Everyone's taste is different and coffee seems to be so profound in it's make up that it offers many different characteristics to appeal to different people. Picking a favourite bean is very subjective and it's final taste in the cup can be determined as much by how it was roasted as where it is from.
Male, 38.

Prefer 100% Kona estate Coffee. I wouldnt call it "Hawaiian Kona" as they are two different coffees. Kona is a very specific varietal not cultivated on the other Islands.

I have enjoyed good coffee from other regions of "The coffee belt". I just love the mellow, chocolatey flavour of true Kona.

I drink my coffee Black, hot or iced and prefer it fresh roasted, fresh ground and fresh brewed.

I also enjoy espresso and other coffee related beverages truly appreciating the artistic expertise of a good barista.

Best of luck with your research.