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Sep 19, 2004
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Where can I find 8 and 16 oz heat sealable bags inexpensively? Also, where can I get labels printed inexpensively? (I'm talking about the oval and square labels you put on your bag with the logo and name of the coffee)

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There are literally hundreds of companies that sell pre-made bags designed for coffee. Bags are relatively inexpensive witha wide number of options for coffee. As an example, a 4" x 4" silver foil 2-6oz bag is .045 cents. A search for coffee bag manufacter should bring you good results.
Heat seal bags

You can find plenty of nice sealable bags at pacific bag inc., and pack plus converting.
As for your labels here are a few:

The best way to get the bags and stickers on the cheap would be to purchase in bulk. You may also consider having the bags pre-printed. If you order the right quantity you may actually save money by having them pre-printed, not to mention time, and the frustration of applying the labels.

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