Need urgent help making my coffee machine work!


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Sep 4, 2007
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Hey guys! Im new to the forums, so excuse my noobability :)

Anyways, our family uses a \"Cuisinart Coffee on Demand 12-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker\". It can be found here: ... 2&cat_id=3

It''s a nice coffeemaker, but for a while now, the \"coffee\" coming out of it has tasted like a combination of dirty dishwater and used diapers. No matter WHAT type of coffee we put in it (i get mine from a local roaster and grind it before each brew).

Although I make my own coffee, my parents make like... Folgers or Maxwell House every day (eww). I''ve tried cleaning it out countless times. First with half vinegar/half water, and this afternoon i just did it with straight vinegar. No matter what i do, it always comes out tasting absolutely horrible. Even when I try cleaning it with vinegar and water, the steam coming out of the top smells like the horrible taste in the coffee. I''ve also tried scrubbing all the parts with hot water and I rinsed out every part of the machine. I''ve started my junior year of high school already and i really cant function without my coffee!

Could anyone give me some guidance? I''m getting desperate and I need my coffee.

Thanks in advance guys!


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Sep 7, 2007
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Well, it could be your water! Go buy a French Press and brew a pot and see how it tastes! If it tastes bad, it's probably your water. Get a good water filter for your kitchen and then brew your coffee. Since you've tried several different coffee beans, the other options are - the filter, coffee to water ratio, or sediment in the coffee maker which vinegar should remove. Best of luck.


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Aug 15, 2005
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Dude, I'd never clean anything coffee-related with vinegar. It is very slow working and will leave behind some residue regardless of how much you rinse. Buy a good quality descaler and run that through and rinse thoroughly. Pay close attention to cleaning the showerhead area as well.

Like the other guy said, it could be the water. Try using spring or distilled water and see if it makes any difference. Of course clean it first with the descaler. Later!