NEW! 2-Day Technical Maintenance and Repair Workshop.


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Nov 3, 2004
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NEW! 2-Day Technical Maintenance and Repair Workshop — $995

This is a comprehensive 2 Day class directed towards the working barista or coffee bar owner, to take their repair and maintenance skills to the next level. It is also beneficial for service companies looking to add to their coffeeshop related repair and maintenance skills.

This class will always follow the 5-Day New Business owner class. That way 5-Day students can attend both classes in one visit, or it can be attended as a stand alone 2-day class.

Teachers: Terry Zinnewicz (founder of and Sara Zinnewicz, Caffeworks; assisted by Jack Groot.
Who should attend: Any coffee bar owner, manager or repair technician.
Where: Midwest Barista School facility in Holland MI.
When: This class is scheduled on a weekend to follow the 5-Day New Business Owner Class at MBS. Students who attend the 5-Day class may also sign up for this class and take advantage of the opportunity to combine their learning experience into a full 7 day experience.
What: The class will focus on espresso machines, preventative maintenance and repair. It will also include basic training and information on water diagnosis, simple refrigeration maintenance and more. Students will recieve a training manual and additional items may be available for purchase (tool kits, etc.)

Comprehensive 2 Day class agenda:
-Definitions and relationships of the parts.
-PM schedules, and then hands on the second day with a operator side of the machine, groups, steam wands, etc.
-Inside of the machines, covering pressure stats, auto fill circuits, heating elements, flow meters, and solenoids.
-Diagnostics section of testing components and trouble shooting common failures.
-Water diagnosis, methods used to test water.
-Simple refrigeration / condenser cleaning and maintenance.
-The class will include, but is not limited to; parts and definitions slide show, trouble shooting, hands-on time with espresso machines, changing gaskets and screens, adjusting the pump, rebuilding a steam wand and more. There will also be time for question and answer.

This class is limited to between 4 and 12 people. If the minumum is not reached and the class cancelled, you will be issued a full refund.
* Includes Q&A time and a certificate of completion.
* All information subject to minor changes without notice.

October 27-28 - sign up and more info here -
February 2013 (Date TBD soon!)