New and in desperate need of help :)


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Mar 22, 2005
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Hello ev1!!! I am new to the coffee scene and have been checking out this forum for a couple of weeks.

My friend and I are looking into starting up a coffee cart, located in either a office buildin, hospital, or college campus. We have been to some site (Burgess, Michaelo, CMSEspresso) to look at carts. We are basically looking at doing some drip brew and espresso based drinks. We have no clue however, on where to start figuring out a budget for supplies, for the cart/equipment or the ingridients to make the coffee.

So could you guys/gals please help me out. Basically I need any/all info on exactly what I need for the cart (along with a solid company to buy it from). For instance one guy I talked to said I need to grinders. Is that true, I have seen carts with only one.
Also, the ingredients to make the coffee, how much should we plan on starting out with. Such as how many lbs of beans, milk, etc.

I just want to say thank you in advance for any help you can give us. It is kinda of scary trying to start this up and I just want to make sure we do it right. Thank you and take care :)