New Cafe In the Works!


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Oct 15, 2009
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Hello everyone!

Ok I've posted a couple topics here already, but figured I should introduce myself as well.

My name is Elizabeth, and I live in Ontario Canada.
I'm in the process of opening an independent cafe, focused on organic + fair trade coffee, and organic homemade baked goods. I envision a calm, relaxing space, which I personally find lacking in the Toronto area.
Either you can get an amazing cup of coffee with awful service, and cramped space, or poor quality coffee in a nice space.
I'm going to have both.

Either way wanted to drop in and say Hi! And that I've read through pretty much all posts in the "Coffee Shops + Cafes" section, and appreciate each and every informative answer you've taken the time to reply with.

If anyone is interested, I do have a blog following my progress, as well as Twitter :