New member looking for Saeco and Spidem machine parts infoprmation


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Mar 17, 2015
Thornhill, Ontario, Canada
Hi, All,
I've just joined the forum... it looks really interesting! I would like to find out a few things about our now "near-vintage" espresso coffee machines.

I run two machines, alternating them as they need service. One is a Saeco Via Veneto (over 15 years old). The other is a Spidem Trevi Combi Plus (about 10 years old, I think.)

The Saeco is running well but the Spidem needs a new brass steam valve body as the internal thread has stripped (steam knob blew out... big surprise!) As I'm sure some of you know, these two machines have different boiler designs and a different valve body, otherwise, they work the same way. The Spidem steam valve body I need has a flange fitting to the boiler with two screws (the Saeco valve body is different, no flange.) I have pictures but I suspect I can't post them until I've been here a while.

I live in Ontario, Canada, just north of Toronto. My local coffee machine vendor is somewhat unresponsive on the phone and a bit too far away to just drop-in. Thus, I'd like to find a source of mail order parts, or even scrapped/surplus similar machines for parts (near here.) BTW, I have an older Saeco machine (no grinder) as a parts-donor but, of course, not for the Spidem steam valve.

Thanks for reading this. All replies welcomed.
Very best,

PS. That's "information" in title Sorry!
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