New Coffee Shop Name

Hi - I''m in the planning stages to open a coffee cart/kiosk at the local community college in August. What I need is a name. Nothing too formal, but also not too flimsy. This college has a split demographic of 18-21 and 30-50. I would like a fun hopefully one word name, not more than two (not counting adding the word \"coffee\") something fun and a little hip. I would be willing to consider all names. The one I have now is not suiting me \"Happy Chick Coffee.\" THANKS !!!


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Dec 18, 2006
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My first thought was to identify yourself with the community college. I don't mean "Community College Coffee" as your name, but something to do with the school. If it was primarily a school for training electricians, maybe you call yourself something like "Joltmeter Espresso". If its a school for math nerds, maybe you call it "Coffee and Pi".

Then again, "Happy Chick Coffee" might not be so bad if you are indeed a happy chick. It's certainly easy to remember. So if you're a bubbly person, it probably fits just fine. I can certainly see a guy stopping in the hall and saying to his buddy, "Grab me a seat in class, I'm going down to get a coffee from the Happy Chick." or "Meet me after class at the Happy Chick."
Hi All!

Well, the name is officially "Happy Chick Cafe" since it is now registered at the courthouse!!

Thanks for all the ideas, they were all good. I also posted this question under Coffee Shops & Cafes and got a lot of good feedback there.

The name is getting good responses in the local area. Everyone (so far) loves it. The real reason I picked it was kind of personal and kind of universal.

First, I am a happy chick IF I get my morning coffee. Second, I think that's true of a lot of women, and third, I think men prefer happy chicks!!

Also, my 17 year old daughter loved the name after thinking it over, and tested it out on some of the students at the college (she is a student there.)

This college is really diverse. It offers a lot of applied degrees, but also has a very strong transfer program. Combine that with a split demographic of half high school grads and half baby boomers, and the name Happy Chick seems to be hitting both.

Does anyone know of the cheapest place to buy personalized plastic travel cups/mugs? I'd like a source with low quanity requirements and a good color choice.

I love all the great name ideas! (Especially Course Grounds!) If anyone has any ideas for promotions or any other marketing ideas, Please pass them on!! I'd love to hear them.
Hi ajpratt!

Thanks for the feedback, the name is now "Happy Chick Cafe" because I wanted a name that could transfer to a brick and mortar business in the future establishment of a possible retail location (wow, a future) and would work for a cart as well. Yes, I like the "feel" of the name so far.

If anyone has more feedback, please send it to me. I would love to hear it! The name is such a small part of the overall picture, but as we all know, Starbucks is the name to compete with!!!


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Mar 29, 2007
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Cheryl Ann,

I''ve been considering the idea of starting a coffee kiosk in my local community college or university. How did you go about doing that? Currently I''m taking an entrepreneurial workshop through the Small Business Administration and I''m using a coffee shop as my business idea, but I think a kiosk would be much more profitable in this area. I would appreciate any tips you could give me!

Hi JavaJunkie,

I think a cart is the way to go a a local college, then if it takes off, maybe a kiosk or a shop can develop.

Contact the peson in charge of the the cafteria or snack shop and submit a business plan or maybe a lease proposal (your class should be able to help with that.) I bought the book Espresso Starting and Running Y0ur Own Specialty Coffee Business which is very old ( 1995) but has a Lease Proposal in it. I would have a very complete Business Plan ready first, but this is a good book to help you figure out your starting costs. (Everything has changed since this book was printed, but it still tells you where to start.) It does seem like the information to start a coffee shop is highly guarded, but you can figure it all out if you do enough internet research on your own.

What your really need is coffe drinking industry statistics which are very costly unless you can glean a few from internet researches which are older, around 2000 but still usable.

At any rate, start your research for coffee carts and that will lead you to more information.