New Mexican Signature Coffee Impressed Me !

Oct 27, 2010
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We have a number of Wonderful Coffee Houses in so California that have
a Large verity of fantastic Coffee, as I am sure also exist in towns across
America, Canada and the rest of the Coffee drinking World.

But the Mexican Signature Organics that we have been trying have Impressed
me so much, that I had to express it in this Topic.

Although we have not tried the Decaf, or the Espresso yet, and have it here,
the Dark Signature, which i do not want to name by Brand, because we are not
wanting to infringe on site rules, has been Fantastic.

It leaves such a nice lingering taste for quite a long time after the First drink,
and on. So I tried it again to make sure, not wanting to go only on First opinion.

And Yep, its quite possible, that is is quickly becoming my Favorite.

We are also wanting to try the New Maragogype that is to arrive soon, after the
upcoming Harvest.

Has anyone tried this one ?
Thanks, Rick.


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Aug 15, 2005
Central North Carolina
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Have heard some good things about Mexican coffee(s), just never tried any for myself. Our roaster doesn't dabble into much of it, so that's the main reason I haven't bothered.

I think it might be OK to mention "brand name" if you do a review in that particular section. Later!