New Shop In Tampa has needs...

Hello. This is my first post. I am the owner of a new shop that is being built out in New Port Richey Florida (Tampa Area)

I am opening a 1500 sq. foot coffee house/lounge that is open from 7pm to noon (i.e. the night crowd... the place is next to a very popular nightclub. i figure i will have some traffic that stumbles out of the bar and into a coffee lounge because the bar is closing at 2am and at 2:01 am their night is not quite over)

I am looking to purchase a complete set of needed equipment for this shop (build out will be complete in 3 weeks, doors opening about a month)

my email is [email protected]

if you have any or all of the equipment that i need, i will be very interested in speaking with you.

i will also be very open to suggestions, options, research, do's and don'ts, suppliers, layouts, opinions and even snide remarks as long as its directly related to the business (ok, a few jokes can lighten my day too ) etc. etc.

Thank you in advance

D. Meccariello


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Mar 2, 2006
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Wow. What about those hours? Did I read them correctly? 7pm - noon. What a concept. I have been in the coffee business for what seems like a hundred years and am operating my 13th coffee house and applaud your stepping out of the box with this service delivery system. I hope your market is successful. The local media should love the uniqueness of your business and its hours. Just be careful in catering to one supply source for your business. The old adage, "putting all your eggs in one basket.."