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Jul 14, 2007
Santa Cruz CA
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My name is Sebastian Little. I live in Santa Cruz Ca & I own a growing coffee related business called Great Infusions. I began 3 years ago by importing Italian ACF porcelain espreso wares for sale to Coffee Houses and Restaurants. I had requests to sell the cups to home users & I did that at first by simpy ebaying a few sets. I found enough enthusiasm and demand to warrant a bit more investment and pretty soon I had up and running. Ever since, I have been continually adding products for both retail and commercial users.

My most recent incarnation was to move from strictly mail order/web to a showroom space where I demo variouse products for my customers. I am working to elevate coffee consiouseness here in Santa Cruz... While our beach town has several coffee houses - most are not producing as good of a product as they can. The shop is a really nice space in an old factory building. I have set it up as a sort of retail & b2b showroom with the idea that I can add events like cupping and latte art when I have enough local enthusiasts.

I am marketing small batch coffee roasted by Bay Area roasters who are really making some exceptional product. I am obsessive about freshness & cleanliness - no stale beans sitting in ransid oils here...

If any readers are from my area - please drop in and say ''hi'' -- this is not a high pressure sales environment and we are all about the coffee!!!

Thanks - Sebastian Little,