New to the forums, saying hello!

Aug 3, 2006
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Hi everyone in cyber-java land!

I'm new to the forums, and wanted to take a moment to introduce myself. I work for Coffee Bean Direct, you may of heard of us, or seen our ads. We sell fresh roasted gourmet coffees and quality teas.

I'm a new-ish empolyee of the company, I handle customer support and act as the Webmaster's Apprentice (images of dancing broomsticks come to mind), and so far I'm loving it!

I hope to hear from fellow coffee-lovers! If you've tried our products, or visited the website, I'd love your input. Drop me an email or post on the forums. I'll be by now and then to hear whatthe coffee world is talking about, and hopefully I can help any up-and-comers who need a hand in this growing business.

I Hope to hear from you all soon!


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Aug 6, 2006
Topeka, Kansas
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New to the Forum

Hi Floyd!

Just wanted to say hello. I'm new, too. I'm not in biz yet either - yet being the opperative word! I'm interested in your webmaster comment. Here's my master plan. I want to start out small. I want a little coffee cart, then a drive-thru and finally a real coffee house. My montra is no debt. I want to get the seed money by building a website selling coffee "stuff." Any insight or suggestions would be greatly apprecitated :)