What do you think about single serve drip coffee bags?


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Mar 7, 2016
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Hi fellow coffee lovers...

after quite some time of research and self-finding I am ready to share my newest project :). As some of you might know, I am the founder of Vietnam based Farmers Blend Coffee, within the past 4 years of hard work and countless ups and downs we have withdrawn from business for the past 5 month. Mid 2017 we have launched a Kickstarter campaign with rather mediocre success which gave us the final push over the edge to stop business and start re-thinking our strategy.

Coffee is a fantastic business but being a small fish in a big pond, certainly has it's challenges. However, I still follow my passion for this unique and delicious crop, regardless of financial gains or profitability (I am now working in my free-time as I have a real paid job, which also means I am not depending on the immediate success).

Anyways, I'd like to ask some of you guys for feedback about my latest project. We are about to launch a new Kickstarter campaign for our Farmers Blend Single Serve Coffee Sachets and i'd love to hear some input on our product page www.farmers-coffee.com/kickstarter

Thanks and I hope for some valuable feedback and perhaps some of you might be interested in the product as well...

Regards and happy brewing


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May 11, 2014
Kansas City
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I hate to burst your bubble - but several have tried these and no real success that I could see. I myself looked into these a year or so ago and decided against the product. I did some very informal 'testing' with friends and co-workers... everyone seemed to like the idea but few would buy. The 'single cup' is so dominated by the K-cup the users wanting a easy to prepare coffee opted for K-Cups. Those wanted specialty coffee felt it was unnecessary and would choose their traditional pour-over device.