My Kickstarter project | Kafmasino ONE: Advanced coffee made simple


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May 3, 2021
UK, London
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Hi guys,

I am Jorge Hurtado from Madrid, Spain. (Currently living in London).
Two weeks ago together with my brother Sergio, we announced the launch of our Kickstarter:

Kafmasino ONE: Advanced coffee made simple

We are proud to say, that we have already 235 followers and a lot of people love our project.

Lets talk about it:
We have developed Kafmaŝino One to fulfil the necessity of home baristas who aim to make a perfect espresso. Our main goal is to develop a coffee machine which gives baristas exact, continuous, and consistent control over all the different parameters that the coffee machine provides at an affordable price.

Due to the fact that we are not a factory, to have something reliable we needed to use a base of a machine and install the components that we felt were the best for our goal. After two years of testing and some prototypes later we developed Kafmasino ONE. We have the working prototype, and our suppliers are ready for production.
We developed Kafmasino ONE for ourselves, and now if you guys are interested, we would love to share it with you!!

Kafmasino ONE is an advanced machine at an affordable price.
We invite you to check our website, or any of our social media, to learn more about our project.