New website launch, looking for feedback and advise

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Mar 21, 2016
Montreal, Canada
Hi Friedcoffee, I'm definitely going to improve it. As for the text, the site is less than 2 months old. We are going to work on it in the coming weeks / months.

I'm going to redo all the coffee product section, change the layout as well to include more specific coffee informations. I didn't think about the image, but you are right, I should keep thing more homogeneous over the image size.

The problem is I'm not very strong on frontend web development. But will try to improve nonetheless.

Just visit your website, very good work! Is it a fulltime project for you?

I would be looking for relationship with other blogger, website in order to improve the visibility of my project. Do you think it could fit in your web context? Just looking forward, we are not yet ready to have the website promote at large yet, but that day will come soon. :)

Thank for your input!


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Jan 12, 2016
Thanks for liking the website. It's still not full time right now but yet working on it and hope some day it turns to be full time. You can stay in touch with me, there is a contact page on the website.

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