New Website (Old Thread From 2007)


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Feb 16, 2007
Clemmons, NC
I have a new website and I my self am not wet behind the ears yet. I would appreciate any suggestions about my site at I started this site because of my love for home coffee roasting so I want to sell green coffee beans but I also wanted to sell roasted coffee beans for people who aren''t ready to roast their own yet. Any feedback about my site would be greatly appreciated.

Jim Lyon


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Oct 29, 2020
This site looks really good, but there are small comments about the convenience of its use. You should add at least the simplest navigation bar in order to move around the site would be more convenient. Also, I advise you to think about changing fonts. Some of them look either inappropriate or not very convenient to read. You can choose fonts on the site In General, if you do not pay attention to these shortcomings, then this is a very good site. It has a lot of interesting information and no useless junk. I hope you will continue to develop it. Good luck!
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