Newbie : Looking for a Taster''s Choice buying information


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Mar 19, 2008
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This is my very first post at here. If someone already asked this question or I am posting on the wrong board. Please point me to the correct way.

I am looking for help on buying a Taster''s Choice product. It is their Variety Pack ( they are stick like I think about 4 flavors and about 10-20 sticks per pack ). I bought it from a online source ( a bulk buy source) a couple of years ago....

Helpppppppppp. Can someone point me to a online source that sell this product.
Hi CCafe, I'm new and was wondering if anyone knows if there's a Maxwell House variety product?

I'm looking for their coffee, please help! Point me in the right direction so I can go to collect it right away, as I'm desperate for good coffee.

Thank you kindly..........
Yes it sure is good and can't wait, BUT, I might be dissuaded from drinking it if I tried a half pound sample of CCafe's coffee.

My preference is dark roasted Sumatran, but any Indonesian or South/Central American, medium to medium dark roasted whole beans would be fine. :D

Thanks guys!