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Jun 14, 2006
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I am wanting to try buying coffee beans and then grinding them. In the past I have used one of the cheapie electric blade grinders (you know the type--$9.99 etc). It did not impress me--static, messy etc.

Because I travel (alot) I need a compact (read small) burr grinder. I also do not wish to take out a loan to buy one before I see if I like grinding. Therefore, I was thinking of a hand operated coffee mill might be just the ticket--compact and not costing in the hundreds of dollars. I understand that Zassenhaus is a good brand, but no longer obtainable new at the moment. What other brands would you experts recommend? I currently use the aerobiepress and/or just a melitta drip (remember I travel alot).

The other question has to do with static. How do you keep the grounds from going all over the place? Is it related to the grinder? The weather? Or a special trick you all use.

I appreciate any assistance you can provide. TIA



Jan 22, 2006
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Static, as far as I understand, is related to the grinder. Faster rpms and grinders not designed to reduce static will charge the grinds. I guess it's kind of like rubbing a lucite rod- rub it really fast in one direction and the rod gets charged and picks up light bits of paper or hair. There's not much I think you can do but get a better grinder.

It's a shame about the Zassenhaus stock problem. I found what looks like a good hand grinder that might be what you're looking for at ... inders.htm

Watch out. Lots of hand grinders look good on the outside but they're not constructed well at all on the inside. The burrs should be hardened steel, well cut, centered and set and offer precise adjustability.