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Apr 30, 2023
Alma, Arkansas
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Hey everyone, my name is Richard. I am brand new to trying roasting, but I'm willing to learn.
I finished my first roast ever Friday evening and have finished like 7 over the weekend. All small roasts to learn and I'm using a Nastalgia air popper I gave very little for.
I've had a love for coffee for years and been part of many coffee subscriptions. Started grinding my coffee about a year ago and have gotten sucked into the coffee vortex. 😂
Looking forward to learning and looking. God Bless.
I've never used a popcorn popper for coffee...loads of people do it though. I bought a toy off amazon and love it! It's called a Kaldi Home roaster. Check it out...reasonably priced. I bought mine off amazon..
as for using your popcorn popper...take notes when you change your process experimenting. Taste EVERYTHING and take notes. You will become consistent after a while.