Nuova Simonelli Grill


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Sep 16, 2007
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I have just purchased a NS double grill for making panini sandwiches.

THe manual is rather confusing. Can anyone give me advice on the temperature to use for sandwiches and also how best to clean the plates?

I have a wire brush but there seems to be carbonized oil or something on the plates already. Should I clean it when hot? Use anyhting else for cleaning?

Any practical tips from experience would be most welcome.

Kind Regards to All!



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Oct 18, 2004
Portland, OR
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We have the same NS panini grill at the American Barista & Coffee School. You will want to plug it in and turn the grill to around 300c to burn off the coating that comes on the grill initially. This should be the only time where there is a noticeable amount of smoke that comes off the grill. Do this outside or in the garage.

Remember that the temperature dial is in Celsius not Fahrenheit ... the optimal temperature that I have found is about 150 for sandwiches. This will give about a 3-4 minute grill time. You don't want it to hot or it will burn the outside.

The Nuova Simonelli panini grill is a great grill and we have not had any issues with ours in the past 4 years. We do a panini demo and hands on practice each time we teach a class. Just make sure to really clean it everyday so that residue and oil does not build up.

Let me know if you have any other panini related questions.

- Matt Milletto