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It's killing me: Perfect tamp, killer shots and I remove the portafilter to see actual WATER on top of the ground in the coffee basket. Ive over filled, tight tamped adjusted all the grind/tamp parameters and still f'n water on top of the graonds....any ideas? The creama and taste is great it's the water that bugging me......


Nov 3, 2004
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This is a problem because.... ?

There is no one perfect tamping style, volume of coffee used in portafilter based or end condition of coffee in that portafilter. So long as the shots that you are serving are well-balanced and flavorful, you're doing it right!

Water or no water remaining atop spent grounds, it seems to be the correct method for you.



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Mar 10, 2007
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I would be concerned in the sense that something is not working properly with your espresso machine. It may be the pressure regulator or something else, but I would bring it up with your maintenance provider for your machine.

For warning - this could be something that is going to get progressively worst, and possibly you think your pulling killer shots, but either you're not noticing or your compensating elsewhere. This is your business here - take care of this machine and make sure it's in complete working order!!!

Hope that helps :grin:

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