Odd Sized Replacement Gasket


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Aug 1, 2009
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I'm having a hard time finding a replacement gasket for my Italian stove top espresso maker. It doesn't have a manufacturer name on it, but does say "Crusinallo", it's dated 1990, and it's heavier than the aluminum ones available on the market. Because of it's size I am judging it to be approximately a 3-cup system.

The outer measurements are 2 15/16 and the inner 2 3/4. Tried the standard three cup gasket, but it was too small to go over the filter in the top piece (which is not removable on mine), and did not reach all the way out to the edges of the top. So it's essentially too little and won't stretch far enough to slip over the filter.

Does anyone know where I can get what appears to be non-standard replacement gaskets for my Italian stove top espresso maker?

Thank you very much.