old coffee, good bad or indifferent?




I have a similar question to the one posted by 'viktorhugo'.

My girlfriend makes coffe from fresh-ground beans and puts the excess (black) coffee into a Pyrex pot. She reheats this for drinking after a couple of days. The coffe in the pot is just left on the kitchen counter, out of the sun.

My question is: Does this coffee 'go off'? Are there buildups of acids or compounds that are not the best for drinking? Does it oxidise? What happens to it?

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Brewed coffee will deteriorate, though not all at the same rate.

If you take a commercial coffee like maxwell house or folgers and let it get cold, it will be nasty. It will turn bitter.

If you take specialty coffee and let it get cold, it is still pretty good tasting.

Even specialty coffee will fade and get unpleasant if left in the open air long enough. Coffee oxidizes. It gives off aroma (flavor leaves the liquid coffee). It absorbs ambient aromas (leave coffee next to a counter-top compost bin and in time, your coffee will pick up some interesting new organic esthers).

It won't hurt you, but coffee is best fresh brewed - there is just so much more going on in a fresh cup. And at 10 cents for an 8 oz. cup, why be cheap?


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Oct 9, 2004
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I've sometimes made some coffee before I go to sleep and left it beside my bed to drink the following morning(I don't do it that often though). It doesn't seem to deteriorate too much, it seems like the dark roast keeps better. Also sitting around cold it deteriorates less than if it had been sitting in a heated pot. I'd never drink something that had been sitting arouns for two days though, I imagine it would give me some indigestion.


old coffee make you sick?

Last year while at college, I purchased an espresso machine. I bought some coffee beans and ground them up and stored the ground beans in a Rubbermaid bowl. I did not use it any more until this year. Can old coffee make you sick or is it just wise to throw the ground coffee out?
The continued application of oxygen oxydizes the coffee to make it stale. It won't hurt you. It just won't taste good. It could be a great experiment for you to taste that side by side with fresh coffee.

Remember than canned coffee is stale the moment it is vacuum packed, so compare against fresh roasted and ground coffee.


remembr coffee is bad for u and the caffeine can kill fast as a lightning bolt so dont let caffeine happen to U!!!!!!!!!!!!